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CZ Advises How to Make a Career Move Into Web3 With Binance

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Do you have transferable skills? Whether your background is in marketing, communications, development, legal, community management – or even customer services, a career in Web3 is open to you. The number one job requirement here at Binance is belief in the capabilities of Web3 to revolutionize many aspects of life and business positively. In this video, Binance CEO CZ discusses all you need to know to make a move into Web3!

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  1. Olá,
    gostaria de saber quando vai normalizar os pagamentos e saques em brl?

  2. Swap farming is nonsense in existence if we cant convert 1$ to other available coin we can directly buy 10$coin from spot then swap farming has no use.
    😂btw they cant see us to buy any coin less then 10$ bcz they know price is much more than that

  3. I only trade with honest people that’s why I chose mr Austin Schniedger ,he’s very legit and reliable to work with

  4. Thanks CZ. You are a major reason for many to be optimistic about the future.

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