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Day 428 – DAODAO DAO coins go crazy on the open market and more!

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– DAODAO DAO coins soar in price by over 500%.
– DAODAO public launch and public fundraising round set for June 1 at 3PM ET.
– Changes are up for a vote in Round A of the upcoming DAODAO funding. (https://beta.daodao.io/d/DAODAO)
– DeSo will be onboarding members of the ETH and SOL communities in the coming weeks.
– The desomessenger team is still working on setting up on-chain NFT-gated messaging.
– gaby and tijn are voted in as members of the DeSoCommunityDAO (https://clout.link/kg023u1)
– Itsaditya’s desohive adds a non-private order book viewer for DAODAO. (https://desohive.com/dao/daodao)
– MetzensNFT’s now have 80% of their Solana collection minted. (https://clout.link/cdk9kws)
– GDvirtualgalleries was been accepted as a partner of Ready Player Me. (https://clout.link/03b0rl9)


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