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It’s almost as if he tweeted it into reality: Elon Musk’s $44 billion, $54.20 per share takeover bid has been approved by Twitter’s board of directors. And, of course, everyone had something to say. Camila Russo and Robin Schmidt join Real Vision’s Ash Bennington to talk about the crypto community’s reaction to the free speech champion’s big deal. Other hot topics up for discussion during this week’s episode include Akutars’ flawed NFT launch that locked up $34 million of ETH and Optimism’s incoming airdrop of the $OP token for early adopters.

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  1. I keep seeing comments about him I did not believe until he credited my account I’m so grateful with your service..

  2. Robin – u mentioned wallets – take a look at harmony one’s upcoming wallet – it will have social recovery and it will use google authenticator. Your old peeps is doing good work. That wallet is in beta testing for ios

  3. You are the best of all dude👆 I received a profit of $9000USD with just 1000USD you are superb..

  4. Did you know that they restricted Red Bull Cola UK version from sales in Europe because of that?

  5. Robin said "I think one of the big ideas here is how much should the individual be responsible for the content they consume". Are you serious Robin? and No, twitter is not just another protocol that struggles with "what is free speech". Twitter has become the worlds soapbox. It has unrivaled power and influence. It needs free speech in order to remain politically neutral. Ash made a much more compelling case in understanding what is at stake here.

  6. Elon Musk is truly in a class by himself, without peers. He is the first 21st century Trillionaire and Renaissance Man

  7. As an NFT creator, what is the best way to airdrop to people?

  8. Real comedian, white supremacy yay!!he could become a real influencer if he developed solar and crypto in Africa…at a fraction of the cost and uplift a continent that musk and colonialism built…mini trump

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