Ep 3 The Crypto Bear Market and Building a

Ep. 3 – The Crypto Bear Market and Building a Web3 Startup with Gabriel Perez

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Today we are joined by Gabriel Perez to talk building Moonlight, crypto education and the bear market.

00:00 – Introduction and about Gabriel
03:42 – Building a Web3 startup
05:12 – NFT fractional investing
07:58 – ConstitutionDAO
08:58 – Building a Web2 vs Web3 startup
10:30 – Being a campus ambassador for Exodus
12:20 – Educating people on crypto
15:30 – Government catching up to crypto
17:48 – The shillers
20:17 – Stablecoins
21:20 – Governments creating their own digital currency
22:20 – Building a startup in a bear market
24:11 – Using Twitter
26:24 – The bear market


Disclaimer: This is not financial or legal advice.


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