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Fashion & Web3 | Binance Blockchain Week | Paris 2022

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At the Binance Blockchain Week in Paris, we brought together two influential thinkers from the cutting edge of the fashion industry to explore the intersection between fashion, technology, and Web3.

Web3 is the vision of a qualitatively new iteration of the Internet, built on the ideas of decentralization, user control of personal data, and easy transfer of value online.

This fireside chat featured Elise Yoshida and Benjamin Eymere.

Elise Yoshida is the Global Digital Communications Director for Christian Louboutin, a brand renowned for high-end stilettos that pushed footwear fashion to new heights.

Benjamin Eymere is the CEO of L’Officiel fashion magazine and the Chief Metaverse Officer for the AMTD Group. The latter role gives Benjamin the distinction of being the first Chief Metaverse Officer at a New York Stock Exchange-listed company.

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Sarah Dale, Director of Global Brand Partnerships at Binance, moderated the fireside.

Here are some of the themes that Yoshida and Eymere explored:

– The role of fashion as a pillar of the metaverse
– How luxury brands are using blockchain technology to combat counterfeiting
– Empowering consumers to be active co-creators of objects and items
– How blockchain is revolutionizing the notions of luxury and provenance
– Ensuring the metaverse is used to offer a truly unique experience
– The utility of fashion NFTs: special events and collections
– The need for brands to educate their employees about the potential of Web3

If you weren’t able to attend in person or missed our live stream, here’s the fireside chat (‘The Intersection of Fashion and Technology’) in its entirety.

This event took place on September 15, 2022, the second day of Binance Blockchain Week in Paris. The focus of the day’s events was on how Web3 is creating new opportunities in various areas of art and culture.

We thank all the stellar speakers who joined us in Paris to share their knowledge with the community. We’re excited to have been able to deliver to Binancians insights from the brightest minds of today, as well as a vision of a better future.


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