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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. investing in Cryptocurrency or gambling is risky and you can lose all your money. Please be responsible & don’t gamble or invest with more than you can afford to lose. I do get paid to make these videos.

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  1. Hearing many good things about fcf poker. Finally I found this content! Will try your code!

  2. This made my wanna play with my friends! Would serve as out bonding time virtually!

  3. I was not a fan of poker before but thanks to this, it has made me interested with poker! Will be surely trying this ouf

  4. This one is so convenient to play and watch! I am having a fun time learning this new one

  5. Does this FCF Poker changed some rules compared to the original game? Or was it just the same?

  6. I'm excited to try this one! I'm sure the others are excited too. Can't wait to finally have my own play here.

  7. let us be more enjoying in having the fun of having FCF Poker to be done with such mastery and skills in the casino

  8. Hello, I'm new to Biticon trade and I've been making huge losses but recently I see a lot of people earning from it. please can someone tell me what I'm doing is worng?

  9. First true web3 poker room! So glad that they had accomplished this and is the first to have done it

  10. Playing with other poker players would be lovely to see and watch for myself huh. I really wanna learn the skills and basic rules in FCF Poker.

  11. Oh, so you finally tried it?? This looks so cool to play. Imma try it when I have time.

  12. Since we're already working on the poker games, the rules and regulations should be made to be available to learn about FCF Poker too.

  13. 1st WEB3 poker is what FCF Poker is gonna be. This is the only way deposit in crypto that would be the first to land and play poker and earn more passive income

  14. I don't have an idea about how to play poker but watching you makes me interested in poker.

  15. It's nice that there is a game that is entertaining and you can earn at the same time

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