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FTX & Crypto Going Down, Will Crypto & Web3 Die Here? (Chainlink Hackathon Fall 2022 Submission)

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FTX & Crypto Going Down, Will Crypto & Web3 Die Here? (Chainlink Hackathon Fall 2022 Submission)

00:00 – Intro
00:32 – Part 1 | Blockchain & Crypto History
01:30 – Part 2 | Why Is No One Using Blockchain?
02:03 – Part 3 | The Solution
02:53 – Part 4 | The Game
03:49 – Part 4 | The Potential Business
04:53 – Closing

Go to https://battleheroes.netlify.app/ to play the game.

Before you can play the game you must:

1. Install Metamask Wallet first in your browser. https://metamask.io/
2. Add Polygon Mumbai Testnet into your Metamask Wallet. https://medium.com/stakingbits/how-to-connect-polygon-mumbai-testnet-to-metamask-fc3487a3871f
3. Get MATIC Token(for Gas fee) for free here: https://faucet.polygon.technology/
4. Register Player (only once time)
5. Create a Battle or Join a Battle

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Project Link:

Front-End: https://github.com/BadGenius22/BoH-FrontEnd

Earn up to 20% commission every time you trade using my referral code:
Binance: HE3TQMWY
Binance Url: https://www.binance.me/en/register?ref=HE3TQMWY

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Tokocrypto Url: https://www.tokocrypto.com/account/signup?ref=M9A3P3Q9


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