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Google is forming a team dedicated to Web3 | Latest News 08 May 2022 | Crypto News

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Google is forming a team dedicated to Web3 | Latest News 08 May 2022 | Crypto News

This “Cryptocurrency News” video will update the latest breaking news media online about cryptocurrency. Remember to Subscribe to the channel, select the Bell to receive the earliest video. Read the full articles at:
1. https://news.coincu.com/86912-a-federal-judge-has-dismissed-trumps-bid-to-lift-the-permanent-twitter-ban/
2. https://news.coincu.com/86878-sony-and-theta-labs-have-teamed-up-to-bring-3d-nfts-to-market/
3. https://news.coincu.com/86822-google-is-forming-a-team-web3/
4. https://news.coincu.com/86858-ice-cube-joined-who-supported-dogecoin/
5. https://news.coincu.com/86603-tilting-point-partners-polygon-studios/


0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Headlines
0:43 – A Federal Judge Has Dismissed Trump’s Bid To Lift The Permanent Twitter Ban
1:26 – Sony And Theta Labs Have Teamed Up To Bring 3D NFTs To Market
2:13 – Google Is Forming A Team Dedicated To Web3
2:49 – Ice Cube joined the list of people who have openly supported Dogecoin
3:33 – Tilting Point Partners With Polygon Studios to Expand Into Web3

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