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How To Get A Job In Web3 | NFT Innovation | Web3 Social | Tech Experts Lobby Against Crypto

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What a week for Web3! This week we cover how to get a job in Web3, innovation in the NFT space, Web3 social, and the lobbying against crypto.

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Web3 Academy is a community of creators, entrepreneurs & marketers on the forefront of Web3 innovation to create thriving communities and transform traditional business models.

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Kyle Reidhead Twitter: https://twitter.com/KyleReidhead
Jay Hamilton Twitter: https://twitter.com/hammyjay

Topics Covered
0:00 – Intro
6:08 – How to get a job in Web3
20:30 – Innovation in NFTs
30:54 – Goblintown NFT
36:52 – Kanye West getting into NFTs
46:05 – Layer 1s & 2s
59:59 – Tech experts lobby against crypto
01:05:58 – Closing


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