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How women MAKE MONEY ONLINE In web3.0 🌍💰

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The new best 2022 side hustle for women to make money online and make money from home is in the metaverse so in this video we are talking about metaverse money and women in the metaverse to make passive income and active income through side hustles and by investing in stocks. The ONLY ‘How to Make Money Online’ vid you need in 2022 | Making money in the metaverse


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  1. You are such a lovely, supportive and woman friendly person.. you make understanding finance fun and accessible ♥️

  2. Could you go deeper with how you make money if love to actually try that but I didn’t really understand it 🥰thank you so much your videos are great!

  3. I would like to see a video on you showing us how you make money in the metaverse.. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thank you so much. You are a good person. Very informative and helpful video there. I want to know more about Cryptocurrency

  5. Great video. Having meta stocks or Microsoft stocks are a solid safe way even though their prices have plummeted now.

  6. I just think this is another way for people to stay glued to the internet but hey if it makes money and can support your family who am I to judge

  7. Can you please make a video on how to start investing in cryptocurrency? Thanks for your help

  8. Thank you so much for opening my eyes 👀..now I can make money playing games on metaverse ..

    Please next video should be stocks please

  9. I need you to elaborate more on exactly what you are doing to make money in the metaverse. Perhaps a separate video. And how to obtain a virtual wallet and so on and so forth. Thanks so much. Keep bringing sis! Thank u for showing up! 💪🏽

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