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Is the WEB3 INU Coin a scam? Checking WEB3 Token for Fraud

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Is the WEB3 INU COIN a scam? Checking WEB3 Token for Fraud. Web3 Inu’s website says “Web3 is an umbrella term for an online ecosystem that cuts out the big middlemen on the Internet. Platforms on Web3 are not owned by central gatekeepers and you wouldn’t navigate the Internet through search engines such as Google. It uses blockchain, the same system used by cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).”

*Web3 Inu token website: https://web3inu.org

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*This is not professional financial advice, only my personal opinion.*


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    1. don’t do anything, just leave it there and ignore it, me too i have received this coin that have never heard of, so it could be a dusting attack or something similar

  1. I received the token as well and join there telegram but I couldn’t buy it cos I don’t believe in them. To me, it’s a scam and I do agree with you👋

  2. I got too in my wallet. How ? I did not buy it. So can tell me someone is it safe to keep it in my wallet? Can they steal my other coins by this? What to do?

  3. Is there a way to remove these type of tokens from my wallet? today I found 3 different type of tokens like these.

  4. Yesterday I received 666.666,666 coins of them 😂 what means that and the question I have why trust wallet shows a price for them if they are scam anyway

  5. Yes someone sent me this on my trust wallet as well ! I almost took it as a sign. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. yea. is depositing TOKENS into the wallets randomly just to increase the holding value and number. This coin is pierced.

  7. I could not, they said my wallet was not synced, sent me to a website link which asked for my private key or phrase

  8. got ripped off on Shiba Hunter coin, they turned it into a honey pot with a 98% sell tax. This feels the same..

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