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Macro Update | NFT Ticketing | Ethereum Roadmap | Web3 Subscriptions | Klima DAO

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WEB3 WEEKLY ROLLUP – Macro update, Solana opens a store in New York, NFT ticketing, Ethereum roadmap, Web3 subscriptions, Klima DAO and so much more.


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0:11 – Intro
2:50 – Gratitude
5:22 – Web3 word of the week
6:28 – Macro environment
18:57 – Kyle does pushups
20:22 – Open Metaverse Alliance
25:08 – Legal structures for DAOs
29:33 – Solana opens a store in New York
31:56 – Unstoppable Domains hits unicorn status
34:22 – Chipotle offers $200k in free crypto
35:48 – Dumpster dive quest for BTC (plus more pushups)
29:30 – Mercedes building on Polygon
40:28 – Reddit launches NFT playbook
41:08 – NFT utilities
44:20 – Ticketing with Unlock Protocol at EthCC 2022
48:35 – Damien Hirst NFTs
53:35 – Web3 subscriptions with Mirror
54:47 – Ethereum map breakdown
58:17 – Aptos announces $150M funding round
59:11 – Web3 Academy community update
1:02:01 – Learning in Web3
1:03:25 – Punk sells for 2500Eth
1:05:54 – Director of vibes
1:07:11 – DAO of the month
1:12:05 – Copywriter wanted!


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