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Navigating a Bear Market, Instagram adding NFTs, Google insane Web3 potential

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Today on Good Morning Crypto…

We will be discussing… Instagram adding NFT’s, we show our listeners an interesting clip explaining how NFTs will change the world.

Google is creating a Web3 development team stating crypto is “demonstrating tremendous potential” , is this another indicator of how early we are?

Samsung is entering the metaverse, stating they will compete with Meta, and Jeff Bezos follows Dogecoin founder on twitter.

Ripple (XRP) continues to grow oversea and is a lead innovator in ISO20022 protocol.

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//// T I M E C O D E S
0:00 – GMC Intro
0:12 – Intro / Cast Introduction
4:38 – Fear & Greed Index
5:55 – CoinMarketCap
12:35 – Ethereum & Bitcoin Down 50%
19:26 – Google Forms Web3 Team – Sees Tremendous Potential, Demand For Crypto Tech Support
21:41 – The Crypto J-Curve Chart
30:41 – Samsung Enters Metaverse Race, Creating It’s Own Version
33:56 – Instagram To Add Support For NFTs On Ethereum, Solana And Other Chains
41:29 – Short Clip On Real World Implementation of NFTs
45:12 – Japanese E-Commerce Site Adopts BTC And XRP Payments For Used Cars
50:45 – Update on ISO 20022 Protocols
56:22 – Jeff Bezos Follows Dogecoin Co-Founder On Twitter
58:51 – Outro / Closing Remarks

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