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Panvala & Crypto communities: Interview with Niran Babalola – Paul2 Web3

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Interview with Panvala founder Niran Babalola. Panvala is a crypto platform ran by communities, their members, and other individuals who want to help communities thrive.

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00:00 intro
00:06 Niran’s Context and the begining of Panvala
04:23 Capitalismn, value and property vs public goods
13:42 Panvala’s vision
17:44 PAN Token & Panvala’s economic system
23:18 Panvala compared with Bitcoin
26:12 Public Goods and Communities
33:29 Problem with monopolies
37:20 Panvala Stamps
42:06 Marketing in web3
46:06 crypto communities relashionship with the political system
47:22 Regulations: good or bad?
50:45 How can I join the Panvala community?
52:50 outro



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