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Post-FOMC market outlook, government ban of crypto, Luna BTC buy, credit & debt distribution in web3

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In this video I answer reader questions on:

– Factors affecting crypto outlook in coming months

– How blockchain can make the distribution of credit & debt more equal

– Why Luna BTC buy is a non-event

– Likelihood of widespread crypto ban by governments

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  1. no they don't back their stablecoin with BTC, they get a secondary collateral with it.

    you always seems to miss a bit on the luna narrative

  2. You're full of information. Wish i would have discivered you earlier. Subscribed.

  3. 🧡💛💚💙 Tascha is a Mama Bear. Good to listen to her perma-bear side of the case to balance things out. All aspects of life must be balanced.

  4. I wish poeople would not mind longer format, I for one am a fan of it, and i take it as a podcast listen. Hope you reconsider

  5. Talk as long or as short as you want, i'm following. Solid content, bring it on.

  6. Thanks again Tascha for your valuable insights. One day, I'll have to ask a question after reading. Am I to understand you are not counting on the arrival on institutional investors to pump up prices in the next 12-24 months?

  7. I prefer your long form videos which provide a more nuanced window into your thinking and ideas. Please ignore the low attention span TLDR crowd who are looking for “fast answers.”

  8. Yes. I like shorter video. Thanks for the sharing anyway, Ms.Tasha. Stay Safe & Healthy!! 🙂

  9. Tascha is one of the smartest and most knowledgeable macro experts in the crypto space. She’s up there with Lyn Alden and Raoul Pal.

  10. Sorry,but couldn’t disagree more w/ govt regulations and crypto. The world governments realize fiat currency is on the last legs and so is the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency. They needed the private sector to build and test the plumbing of a new financial system running on blockchain and CBDCs. This is why governments haven’t banned crypto. But they will pick winners and losers by declaring certain cryptos securities when global central banks roll out the new financial system after a global reset

  11. The comments on inequality (the rich can earn more in $ terms for the same rate of return) keep coming back.

    I don't see why anyone need $1 billion to live a proper life. So redistribution would be good. But I don't get how their objectives could be achieved by web3. Wealthy people can subdivide their money into smaller accounts but poor people can't have a $1billion account. We may revert wealth accumulation through taxation or social benefits, but the best we can achieve for the poor in a productive commercial environment is to make investment return rate as equal as possible.

    And it appears to me those comments came from a desire to earn money and accumulate wealth, but also to punish those who have done it. I suppose if you can achieve it, your next goal would likely be keeping your wealth without fast erosion? To me that doesn't really work for anyone in the long run.

  12. excellent take on Luna, i hadn't though about the funding from an internal vs external liquidity perspective

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