Recession to Depression Global Bankruptcies Crypto This Week

Recession to Depression? 💥📉 Global Bankruptcies 🌎💣 (Crypto This Week! 🗓)

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Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, here 👋 and I’m on a mission to improve people’s lives through #crypto education. In this important video we curate recent #news to give you the big picture: why there will be more bankruptcies ahead in both the traditional financial space globally in addition to crypto! Let’s jump in!

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00:00 – Conclusion


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    Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, here 👋 and I'm on a mission to improve people’s lives through crypto education. Let's jump in!

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  2. true, the feds will not bailout the banks – Banks now have something called Bail-in. You guessed it, in a financial collapse the banks take your money, because it's not your money when you make deposit, your are a creditor – you are loaning the bank the money.
    They really screwed us good.

  3. Keep you eye on Kin Casey. It could be close to its bottom now. Always hard to tell though.

  4. What are you gonna do if prices are gonna go down and you buy a ton of crypto and it is never gonna recover?
    Basically, you can then flesh them down the toilette. You can buy a million ton of crypto, If no one is gonna give a monkey about your crypto. I think people will realize that it is a big risk investment( some of them scam too) and they will get out from crypto soon. Bankers want crypto to be gone too!!!!

  5. I also think things will get worse before they get much better. If we go into a depression I just hope it last months and not years…

  6. Great video as always! It's tricky…..I bought some at the lows a couple of weeks ago…..and now it's rising so the impulse is to get some more. Like SOL I bought maybe 15 tokens….not much. But it's up a lot. So do I DCA more money in, or just wait and see what happens. But meanwhile, it's creeping up. My strategy as a newbie is to DCA into the projects that VC crypto funds are buying. Messari just published a chart of the top ones.

  7. You are a genuis. Following your picks ….for you of course. Not financial advice of course. Just wanted to say thank you!

  8. All the uncertainty is keeping a lot of people away from crypto as most need assurances and it’s giving time to anybody willing to take a chance , loads of stuff at the bottom of the pile nobody wants , large risky chunks of crypto can be had for next to nothing , except the gas fees , feeling lucky punk ? We’ll are you ?

  9. Loves the vids! I’m a beginner spending this crypto winter DCA’ing into $MATIC, $LINK, $QNT, $DOT, $FTM, $SAND, $IMX, $MANA, $ENJ, $ONE, $NEAR, $GALA, and I’m about to enroll in Moralis on your recommendation Casey. Hopefully, the knowledge still matters after this crypto ice age. Hopefully some of my Alts survive!

  10. Honestly i think this will be a depression

  11. Thanks for sharing 💓
    We all appreciate the hard work that goes into these videos !! You are a gem and will help many people navigate the space in order to have financial freedom 💕

  12. Yes, I continue to DCA into BTC, ETH

  13. Just like 2018 everything's on sale..time to increase our bags..

  14. Thanks for your great content!

  15. What an exciting time and opportunity to be in crypto!!
    I certainly will keep investing during the lows.
    Crypto currency is where it is at, and it certainly is the future.

  16. Tektoniks Architects

    The current economic climate is DESIGNED to collapse the US and world economies. Globalists intend to replace fiat currencies with CBDC, and establish financial and social control over all nations. This will eventually prove unsuccessful due to gold-backed currencies outside Central Banks, but not before great global pain.

  17. I love nfts but bayc are neo nazis…

  18. Thank you very much for your insight and research.I listen intently as your expertise helps me learn in these extremely volatile ventures.. New to(or late to) this exciting future of the crypto

  19. Casey you look so tired.

  20. Shaquille Shephard

    Keep up the Great Work!!💯😊👍🏽

  21. 1930s Great Depression lasted 12 years with unemployment hitting 60%. People were standing at the street corners for half a day waiting to get a government handout of a half a loaf of bread. On weekend, they get a bowl of porridge. Most people place cardboard inside their shoes when their shoes had holes in them. The next Great Depression is slowly happening now, will last 50 years! 😱😵‍💫

  22. Wow! I love it, Casey! Do you realize that you have Cat photo-bomber in your video session? Awesome Cat!

  23. Always great videos. Thank you!!

  24. Thanks Casey 👍

  25. There's intentional manipulation of the markets. It is time for those of us in crypto to realize the power of crypto and separate ourselves from the other markets. It's the future and it's the way we will protect our money by removing it from centralized Fiat mechanisms. Crypto was never meant to run parallel to Fiat currencies and their markets. This is the time that the crypto enthusiast should rally together and separate crypto from its alignment to Wall Street. I understand major Fiat institutions have invested in crypto but we are allowing those institutions to control and manipulate our market in order to build institutional wealth. The way we will beat a recession and depression is to promote crypto as its own ecosystem.

  26. Mr Kevin O’Leary shares your views. Not only that, after the midterm elections; there might be new regulations on crypto stable coins; Just like they’re doing in Canada. Isn’t that wonderful? No pun intended. Just keep educating us, please.

  27. I gave DCA into eth for several months to some years now. Haven't amassed squat. The transaction fees gave all the gain in value to the miners. Making me work for them. The exchanges and 'wallets' are also not going to give the customer an even break. Can't every land on a whole number; dollars, coins, tokens, whatever. Like informed customer is not as profitable as FOMO. So, Wild, wild west

  28. Crypto doesn’t need a government bailout. There are enough people that believe in it to keep it from dying

  29. 💰

  30. Christopher Coplen

    Yes cost averaging in small increments☮️

  31. LOL. Wall street is using dark money to torpedo stable coins, destabilize the unregulated market, & then step in & buy out distressed crypto assets. new year, new tech, same con game.

  32. Thanks for your efforts Casey! No doubt your generation is seeing its fair share of economic reckoning. I'll admit my generation is partly to blame, late 60's here, remember the 70's and in a a lot of ways this looks familiar, but I think we are teetering on the edge of economic turmoil that could certainly exceed those days. I'm concerned that people nowadays are unprepared to handle 3 -5 hour gas lines only to find out they just ran out or rationing of only 5 gallons at a time like we did in the 70's.

  33. Marjorie Hagarty

    Thanks for all the great info

  34. Nice overview. Sure, now is a good time buy but I also think that with all that we are seeing we could see a lot lower prices before this years out and maybe into 2023. That’s when I’ll be backing the truck up .

  35. Appreciate the amount of research you share! Loving the content!

  36. great video, Casey

  37. We are going to need a lot of hand holding to get thru this! Keep the positives coming Casey!

  38. Crypto Kitteh!
    Love all your work.
    You give serious hope

  39. So basically crypto is a scam.

  40. scammers scammers scammers. why can't google just help us.

  41. SlackersIndustry

    all these bored apes seem like people that are sick trying to belong ti something while getting there cash removed. they should join the boyscouts or boeling club.

  42. I can see it now… against the backdrop of a ravaged room, the disheveled human figure furiously pedals a stationary bike, as a computer screen flickers to life. Seeing the eerie glow, he slumps over the handlebars, a look of wry content takes over his face, and he whispers, "bitcoin, bitcoin."

  43. Phil Santamassino

    I’m curious what utility NFT’s bring to the table?
    I’m new at this but it doesn’t seem like every company will need them to survive in business?

  44. thank you for your great up to date happenings. Where can we buy XRP??? Ftx, coinbase and Gemini DO NOT OFFER – please help

  45. NFT is the dumbest thing an investor would be involved in. Stay with crypto mates, dont ruin your future.

  46. Buyer uses Central Bank created cash to buy crypto
    Seller of crypto buys gold
    Central Banks "backdoor" all crypto
    CB offers to buy back with Central Bank Crypto up to a top limit or you get cancelled.

  47. Nice content, Recessions don’t last forever. Even the Great Depression ended eventually. Truly high quality businesses will outlast recessions. Some will even grow during recessions…I definitely didn't expect the crypto market to run up like it did this week. I hoped it was gonna be those low low prices for at least a couple months. So I take it you don't think this was the bottom? for crypto anyway? Appreciate the videos and you spreading your knowledge 🍻