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Layer zero, also known as Layer 0, is the first layer among all
blockchain protocols. It connects seamlessly with all other
blockchain protocols to build interconnected value chains that offer
a more robust and evolved alternative to smart contracts. It serves
as the root layer, allowing cross-chain interoperability with all layer
1 protocols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Layer 0 protocol can be
used across several use cases such as data validation, setting up
individual reward structures, digital currency wrapping, etc.
Operators can use Layer 0 protocols to quickly deploy relay
networks across several nodes, including Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s.
It offers a unique approach to solving the scalability dilemma
without tinkering with the underlying protocols of existing
blockchain networks. Additionally, to solve the scalability problem,
the Layer 0 protocol also allows users to build blockchain-based
solutions and dApps, validate data schemas and sources, mint
cryptocurrency, and program unique business logic and metrics


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