Solana Unveils Web3 Mobile Phone

Solana Unveils Web3 Mobile Phone

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Solana Labs Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko joins Emily Chang to discuss their announcement of a new Web3-focused Android mobile phone Saga, along with an open source software toolkit, Solana Mobile Stack; and how they want to take on phone and app ecosystem giants like Apple and Google.


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  1. sell your sol

  2. Lol this will flop hard like their poor block chain has 🤣 1k for their phone without a recognised brand when you can get better phones for less and with a trusted brand 😅

  3. They outta fix the blockchain blackouts issues first.

  4. Haha…marketing plot….Microsoft,Facebook,Sony,LG,Blackberry(all with deep pockets) tried and fail in the end…Even Google owner of Android is having a tough time with a selling smartphone…

  5. They need to put more efforts into their blockchain always breaking down before making a phone

  6. that's an expensive Ledger Wallet.

  7. I don't care, I just want the SOL price back to $200 because I spent my USDT on it.

  8. We think a lot of these entrepreneurs are motivated by the fact that they seem to be the last person you would ever want to hang out with in the world. More than slightly autistic, and r*tarded in a social sense.

  9. This new "system" of interchangeable, interwoven parts is beautiful. Can't wait to contribute more to Web3.

  10. Sketchy eye movement…

  11. This guy is sketchy af. Solana is a VCcoin scam.

  12. Awesome solana

  13. Nice scam

  14. Having a Helium sim card in this phone would be the real game changer 🎈🚀

  15. He said it himself, everyone already has a phone… why bring out a Solana phone? Why not just create an application for existing phones… Every other mobile company has tried to create a competing appstore, and they all cannot compete with Apple and Google. This seems like a misstep and a waste of resources.

  16. Wait, so he selling an Android phone with Metamask preinstalled? That's all of the product!?

  17. FTX owns Solana and the tech is mediocre. I'd stay away. Absolutely pointless, they're just trying so hard. It's cringe.

  18. Eugene Mclaurin

    WTF does DYDX have to do with Solana?!?! Thats something you need to ask a ETH Maxi SMH.

  19. Eugene Mclaurin

    She clearly doesn't know the difference between Solana and Helium. Comparing apples and oranges.

  20. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how

  21. Vimukthi Wickramasinghe

    Solana cheaper, faster but has to restart once in a while, not a biggy

  22. This reminds me of a scene in Silicon Valley

  23. Juan Fredic Carlos

    ahh nice, another solana product with a kill switch

  24. this is amazing I can't wait

  25. Solana, the only blockchain project started by a real hardcore engineer, who optimised the Symbian phones for billions of people, and now optimising the scalability and cost of transacting on the blockchain for billions of people. This thing was a winner for early SOL buyers, but it's still going to be one for many years to come, unlike all the stupid ponzi schemes that's giving crypto a bad rep.

  26. I want to see the reveal and not your squeek voice interview

  27. I smell fish 🐟……. how is that when they control the phone and the software you use on the phone and also the Solana itself?….. Oh wait Luna??? Terra??? Celsius???? Anyone????

  28. this guy is scam.. EVER…

  29. People have short memories, they've already forgotten about Luna, Celsius and many other chains that failed, now it's just a matter of time before they find out about Sol, but when it happens you shouldn't blame anyone else besides yoursel for not doing your own research There are and has been been many crypto phones already on the market.
    Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.