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The Crypto Chronicles with Adryenn Ashley

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What do Foxies and Billionaire Zombies have in common besides being strong NFT projects? The answer is: Adryenn!

Adryenn Ashley is a brilliant artist and storyteller with a knack for finding humor in the most unlikely situations. Anointed a “High Tech Priestess,” she reveals how to structure NFT campaigns that create massive exposure and convert social audiences to private communities.

Dr. Brook sits down with Adryenn to discuss all things Web3 (or Web 2.5, according to Adryenn) and the future, how CryptoVixens is bringing more women into the blockchain space, and some cautionary stories from the early early days.

You don’t wanna miss this episode!

Buckle up and hold on tight. You’re in for a wild ride with this woman in the co-pilot seat!

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Connect with Adryenn at:
IG: @adryenn

Free Download: “The Words of Web3” – A comprehensive glossary of terms used in the space https://mailchi.mp/9d043022b5a0/words-of-web3

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