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The Next Crypto Cycle with Jamie Burke, CEO Outlier Ventures

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Today’s guest is Jamie Burke, Founder and CEO of Outlier Ventures, Europe’s 1st venture fund and platform dedicated to blockchain and Web 3. Outlier Ventures is a leading Web3 accelerator and founder community. They fund and help over 100 web3 startups a year, supporting projects across DeFi, NFTs, blockchain infrastructure, and more. Jamie has built a portfolio that includes industry-defining projects such as Brave Browser, Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, DIA Data, and Enigma / Secret Network and developed an award-winning Web 3 accelerator. He is also the host of the Founders of Web 3 Podcast, where he interviews the people that are creating and building the next phase of the internet. Before founding Outlier Ventures, Jamie founded 90:10, a pioneering Web 2.0 Open Business consultancy that helped clients open business processes directly and indirectly to external stakeholders through social media, its data, and technologies for engagement, insight, and Innovation. We discuss various topics, including the early days of Crypto, Crypto’s evolution, the state of venture in Web3, advice for founders, and so much more. We begin our conversation by discussing Jamie’s background and what led him down the crypto rabbit hole almost a decade ago. Jamie shares how his background working in Web2 allowed him to witness firsthand how hard it was for large companies to adopt innovative technology. We discuss how the early days of crypto were solely focused on Bitcoin and fintech. We discuss how in the early days, it was clear that building infrastructure was the area that the crypto industry needed to address first. We discuss the evolution of space and how web3 emerged slowly. We discuss the nature of crypto cycles and how every cycle is centered around experimentation and innovation. Jamie discusses how Outlier developed over time and how they developed their thesis at the center of their investment framework. Jamie shares Outlier’s current investment portfolio and how they are helping build the promise of web3. We discuss how much the industry has evolved in such a short time and the exponential growth of interest in the space. Jamie explains why he believes we are in a bear market, not a crypto winter, and what that means for the space. We discuss how the venture landscape has completely changed for web3 and why this is a positive for the industry. We discuss the differing mentalities during a bull vs. bear market. Jamie stresses that the most important thing for any start-up is to focus on the product and never to get complacent. We discuss the importance of striving for sustainable growth and having prudent financial planning to weather market volatility. Please enjoy my conversation with Jamie Burke.

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  1. Ocean Protocol potential can not be overstated. Would love to see more coverage of this project.

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