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Ultimate Guide to Jack Dorsey's Web 5.0

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TBD Web5 Site: developer.tbd.website/projects/web5/

Web5 PDF Download: https://developer.tbd.website/docs/Decentralized%20Web%20Platform%20-%20Public.pdf

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  1. "The Ultimate Guide to Web5" has to be the most clickbait title you could make. You literally just reading from the website, not adding anything of value, or even guiding a thing for the matter.

  2. A few questions arise in my mind after learning about web5:
    Lets suppose you have your device, now all the login and all is replaced by a single login i am believing, which will hold a public key, and private key. Now lets say if you somehow are able to save it from the device OEMs, wont the entire social media still be irrelevant? One of the major purpose of social media is to show yourself. Here what it will be basically is you will be able to lets say post on the Decentralised apps, but your login id and password will stay with you. How useful is it tbh? Lets say you login by a public key, the app will still try to model your account on your activities on their servers. It wont be like the entire apps are running on your device anyway (or else we'll have to carry hard disks and processors and what not lolz). I am not getting where is the privacy aspect of it?
    This surely sounds like a new "device", a new "app development environment" types to me. Please feel free to engage in further discussions 🙂

  3. internet only exist because marketing, so i find difficult to believe that someone that wanna make money with your information now decide that he need works more for your information. Also 99% of population around the world thinks that internet is magic, they have no idea what is DNS, or URI or how your data is storage in the cloud.

  4. what identify the person if he didn't use email and pasword ?
    an id, or a code linked with your main device ?
    i can,t imagine how it will works
    and if hacker became able to access your identity he will hack you on all web platforms at once
    (please explain it more and
    sorry for the bad english)

  5. My only issue is that Jack, along with Elon, are notoriously know as the "pump'n dump" brothers. It begs me to question why he's spurring this movement when it's in direct conflict of interest for his Square payment gateway?

    If someone can honestly answer how web 5.0 can prevent Dorsey from manipulation on his part, since no billionaire is in the market of losing money and power, I'm all ears.

  6. Couple of initial thoughts. I get the heightened decentralized concept to Dorsey's Web5 project. On paper the upside looks interesting. With that in mind, having EVERY piece of our important data in one place (probably our digital wallets) appears risky.

    Doesn't putting everything in a single data bucket make a breach potentially more harmful and devastating? Right now, if someone hacks my Discord, it doesn't give the wrongdoer access to my other platforms and services. There's actually protection in data being distributed across multiple platforms. With this Web5 concept, it appears to me once someone gains access to your single digital data vault, everything may be exposed.

    What do you think about this "all in one" data risk issue?

  7. Really, Web5? Web3 ain't even here yet.

    Where do these guys come from, the future?

  8. lmao. web3 isn't even live and he is talking about web5… yea maybe 2040 clowns

  9. Pro tip: I think you should explain much more on what Jack tweeted about instead of just reading what he put up back to us.

  10. que vor.monster encantan tus videos. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera los mortalesb abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

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