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Web3 crypto-blockchain Dapp (Decentralized Application)

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Connect with me on LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/ericgitangu or on Twitter @dev_ericgitangu

Tech Stack Deployed: #Web3 – Crypto Blockchain with #NextJS, #ReactJS, #thirdWeb and #Sanity

This Dapp requires one to have a crypto wallet such as Metamask and it’s suggested you use Chrome, install the Metamask extension
for authentication and to view your wallet balances, to view your transactions in detail although Metamask maintains a list of your
transaction, you can use etherscan to view full details of your transactions


This is a Coinbase app clone, that bares the core functionalities of CoinBase but not all features have been implemented.

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Implement purchases of crypto currencies using credit cards and other financial institutions.

Source code for this project can be found at https://github.com/ericgitangu/web3-crypto/blockchain.

To run locally:
From root run cd coinbase && npx yarn dev or yarn build to create an optimized production build, alternatively,

cd to coinbase
Run: yarn dev to run
This will run your app on http://localhost:3000

To start sanity studio:
From root run cd coinbase-sanity && npx sanity start, alternatively,

cd to coinbase-sanity
Run: npx sanity start
This will run sanity studio on http://localhost:3333

Run the deployed app at https://crypto.ericgitangu.com


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  1. Some people might ask but you just showed us the addresses for your cryptos, aren't they now vulnerable to being abused/stolen and the answer is yes but all these tokens are not of any value, they're exclusively for dev/ test purposes, provided by rinkenby test networks for development work and can't be used for real world transactions. Happy hacking!

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