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I’ll explain my two of my top web3 crypto passive income projects that have a long term future and generate passive income daily. As of now they’re more affordable (token price is lower same goes for market cap) as we’re currently being in a bear market has it’s benefits.

➤ Buy your Deeper Network device: https://shop.deeper.network/?sca_ref=2038788.RITGjUK9tB
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What is Deeper Network? https://youtu.be/AFkwqGEDzSU
Deeper Network’s NPoW Beta Testing: https://shop.deeper.network/blogs/news/join-deeper-network-s-npow-beta-testing-community-and-earn-rewards

Join this channel as a member to get access to exclusive member only perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzbjcR2CuKrLhWuWgM_RVFA/join

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───── WHERE TO BUY CRYPTO ──────

Binance ► https://accounts.binance.us/en/register?ref=57176616 (referral ID: 57176616 )
Kucoin and you’ll get 10% off fees forever: ► https://www.kucoin.com/land/register/r/r3ZTM4N
MEXC ► https://m.mexc.com/auth/signup?inviteCode=1LiUS (referral code: 1LiUS )
Coinmetro ► https://coinmetro.com/?ref=airborn14
Tidex ► https://tidex.com/referral/431b9d08-f52a-4de7-9e49-85a905c5fdf4 (referral ID: 431b9d08-f52a-4de7-9e49-85a905c5fdf4 )


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  1. Great stuff as always. I'm working on a video now on what I think will be the final, big leg down for Crypto in OCT/NOV. Generational buy opportunities incoming. Appreciate the content…keep it up

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