Web3 Explained What Is Blockchain Technology In Hindi

Web3 Explained ? What Is Blockchain Technology In Hindi | Web3 Projects #web3 #video-16[ हिंदी ]

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Hello guys, namaste ! Good morning !
I am Vipin Bansal and welcome to the caffeine code.
In this video, i am gonne tell you all about Web3.0.
What is web3.0 ?
Why we need web3.0
How can be A web3.0 Developers?
What technology we have to learn ?
and many more. today’s videos going to be very exciting.

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blockchain technology

0:00 Indroduction
0:27 what is web1
0:58 what is web2
1:53 what is web3
2:05 why we need Web3
3:40 how to be a web3 developer
4:18 blockchain developer
5:08 web3 projects
5:51 Web3 Hosting (ethereum virtual machine)


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