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‘Web3 games powered by cryptocurrency will replace traditional gaming’

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‘Web3 games powered by cryptocurrency will replace traditional gaming’

Mobile games are evolving in terms of visuals, technical complexity, and design, but their monetisation should evolve too.
This is what Tegro, a new initiative by Siddharth Menon, co-founder and COO of WazirX, and Indian game development firm SuperGaming aims to achieve.
Tegro is building a game marketplace for players that enables them to trade in-game assets and play with these game assets that essentially is powered by Non-fungible-tokens (NFTs).
For the uninitiated, Web3 is the next-generation of the Internet, one based on blockchain technology.
It incorporates concepts like decentralisation and is fueled by cryptocurrency.
Compared to the previous iteration of the internet, known as Web2 or Web2.0 where data and content is in the hands of a previous few companies, commonly labelled as ‘Big Tech’, Web3 is an attempt to empower end-users and decentralise control.
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