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Web3 Watch | Peer-to-Peer Computing with Fluence Labs' Co-Founder Tom Trowbridge | Fireside Chat

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In this fireside chat, Cardstack’s Founding Director Chris Tse and Fluence Labs’ Co-Founder Tom Trowbridge talk about enabling developers to build, host, run, and collaborate on live applications.

Fluence is a peer-to-peer compute protocol that frees computation from centralized APIs or hosts. It is open-source, permissionless, and functions as a decentralized application platform that allows developers to host applications and work together, reusing both components and data. Enhanced composability makes applications faster to build, easier to integrate, and more secure, while facilitating improved user experiences.

Introduction (0:00)
How has the cumulation of technical knowledge helped you in your journey? (3:02)
How do the various crypto communities resonate with P2P application stacks? (5:26)
Composability as new fundamental qualification (7:31)
Computing in Web3 (13:01)
Localities and global blockchain distribution (14:43)
What is the main benefit of building a marketplace on Web3? (17:03)
Front-end composability in dApps (19:50)
What are some use cases you’re seeing in decentralized computing? (22:12)
Clear delineations between Fluence and Definity (25:23)
How does your upcoming DAO organize community? (30:15)
Data science in DAO organization (34:41)
What is the most likely unlikely event in crypto in the next year? (38:06)
The gradual process of inventing technology (41:02)
What’s next for Fluence? (42:11)
Conclusion (43:32)

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