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Women in finance with Emi Lorincz – Crypto security, Web3 & mass adoption

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📣 Women in Finance, a video series dedicated to the role of women in finance.

🆕 We are back with a new season “Beyond crypto: breaking into the blockchain world ».
Our first guest is Emi Lorincz, President of the Crypto Valley Association and Sales Director at Ledger Enterprise.
🔦 We’ll deep dive into the blockchain world, and explain the concepts of crypto security, Web3 implications, and crypto mass adoption.

Emi started her career in corporate finance, focusing on several areas from aircraft financing to commodity trading. Since 2017, she has been devoted to digital assets and blockchain technology. Emi is currently working on rolling out enterprise-grade solutions for digital asset security company Ledger Enterprise.

📅 Stay tuned for the next episodes of the third season:
– Wed. 29 June, 6:00 pm CET, with Nicky Chalabi
– Wed. 6 July, 6:00 pm CET, with Lili Zhao

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